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I’m Susan Cartmell and I believe preaching can change the world. 


I don’t say that because I have been preaching for over 30 years. Or because I think I’m the best preacher that ever lived. 


I say it because I have seen people changed by preaching in ways that were powerful for the Church and for me as a preacher. 

I say it because I have seen people start down a new path because of a sermon.


Too often our message gets lost. When we tell the story of faith through the limited lens of the Lectionary we lose people. When I started preaching with Biblical themes people learned the lessons of faith more easily. Today’s audience has a short attention span. We need to make our message intuitive. 


The world is eager to learn more about the Bible but it is not easy to teach the stories of the Bible using the Lectionary. 


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sermon on Day1!

                                                                                 Full transcript available here.

Susan Cartmell - DAY1 August 5th, 2018
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"Many in our culture are biblically illiterate, and lectionary preaching does not draw them into the kind of engagement with the Gospel that speaks to their very real hopes and fears. Susan Cartmell's book not only points to a creative alternative, but her proposed program for preaching comes from her own personal preaching "road trip," seriously engaging with what she has seen and heard in a wide variety worshiping communities."

Richard Mouw
Professor of Faith and Public Life and President Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

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